Case 4: B2B sales support

Case 2: Digital product sales Simrad, a global leader in sonar technology, uses 3ngage to present their complex products in sales calls and as a digital leave-behind. Results: A high increase in sales- even during pandemic lockdowns. Increased understanding of the company’s value add. Experience the product inside an e-commerce store Experience the product inside […]

Case 3: Aftermarket support

Case 3: Aftermarket support Husqvarna launched this step-by-step self-service instruction in multiple languages and markets. Channels: brand websites, e-commerce sites, user app, online customer support, digital displays in physical stores. Results: Increase in customer satisfaction and decrease in warranty claims.  0 % Increased willingness-to-buy 0 % of users stated it was very easy to use 0 % […]

Case 2: eCommerce

Case 2: Digital product sales Electrolux tested this interactive experience in the NetOnNet consumer electronics e-commerce store. The goal was to dramatize the product’s features and make it stand out in a multi-brand environment.  The test was researched by the Stockholm School of Economics. Results: Increased conversion and engagement at the moment of purchase.  Experience the […]

Case 1: Digital product sales

Case 1: Digital product sales BSH created a simulation of an induction hob with an integrated fan hood. It was placed on the product sections of the Danish and Swedish Siemens web sites. It received both organic and SM-driven traffic. Results: Increased conversion and engagement. [Numbers not public] More case studies Lorem ipsum dolor sit […]