Frequently asked questions


You use a standard iframe HTML tag, including the product experience’s URL.

None- the product experience is hosted by 3ngage and is loading in parallel in the background, without impacting the site itself.

No. They only need a web browser (newer than 2011) on their device, nothing else is needed.

Yes. The 3ngage product experiences are designed to work well even on old, slow devices. But maybe not on an abacus.

Yes. We can’t vouch for all iframes, but those from 3ngage are safe and hosted from the Microsoft cloud.

Yes, you can set up the iframe to be either responsive or fixed size.

Yes, this is usually agreed at the start of a project.

An interactive session begins when a visitor starts interacting with your product experience, and ends when they leave or stop interacting for more than 30 minutes. Just loading the page with the product experience, without interacting, doesn’t count. 3ngage tracks all interactions in an interactive session to show you how your users interact with your product.

No. The solution is fully GDPR compliant and can be used without any additional consent forms – We do not collect any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data.

Yes, 3ngage custom tracking solution allows to differentiate instances and compare performance, so that you can compare user behavior on different websites, markets, or occasions.

The first part of the answer is to increase the visibility of the product experiences. Place them high up in your website structure – so that more people see them. Link to them in digital campaigns. Display them during trade fairs. Link to them from product packaging (for example, using QR codes). Add links to the product experiences in your email footers.

The second part of the answer is how to get people to “touch and try” the product experience. This can be achieved by “nudging” visitors to try out the product experience- by simply asking them to do so.  3ngage can also incorporate animations and pointers in the product experience itself to entice visitors to interact.