Product experiences 
as a service makes perfect sense

Collection of relevant input material and assets

  • Product brief
  • CAD file / 3D model of the product(s)
  • Samples/photos as reference for look feel and texture
  • Visualization model or drawing of desired environment

1 – 2 days

Development of concept for the interactive experience

  • Joint brief workshop
  • Definition of target channels/platforms
  • Presentation and review of concept
  • Agreement on copy for callouts and other texts
  • Typically 1 – 2 adjustments

1 week

Production of confirmed product experience

  • Modeling of product and environment
  • Tailoring of UI to fit with brand guidelines
  • Development and implementation of product interactions
  • Configuration of desired reporting dashboards

2 – 5 weeks

Final testing validation and corrections

  • Testing of user experience and visual experience
  • Multi-platform validation
  • Integration to test environment/pre-launch website
  • Corrections and adjustments, if required

2 – 3 days

Launch of the new product experience

  • Integration to relevant digital channels/websites
  • Support for implementation with 3rd parties/resellers
  • Onboarding to reporting/analytics dashboards

Ongoing maintenance, hosting, and behavior data provisioning

  • Ensuring availability and function even as user systems change
  • Premium hosting solution gives fast load times globally
  • Tailored behavioral data dashboards and reporting