Learning by doing
is so powerful

3ngage lets users learn how to use a product, step by step, without fear of failing. This is possible by simulating every product function, including digital interfaces.

Benefits of 3ngage

Product-train your sales teams and resellers before shipping the product.

An engaging, never boring way to learn that is more powerful than video

Available digitally, your products can be experienced on any website, at any trade show, on any device.

3ngage measures how users interact with products. We help you check their proficiency and improve learning incrementally


The best way to train a diverse, distributed group of users

By letting users interact with the product as if they had it in their hands, learning becomes an exploration, rather than a chore. By making the trainee an active participant rather than a passive observer, learning becomes fun. Knowledge becomes accessible regardless of age, language, or familiarity with digital solutions.

Our interactive Product Experiences can be embedded in any website, using any content management or learning management system platform. 3ngage can enhance already existing learning material, by bringing the physical product to the trainee – virtually.

Learning with 3ngage means learning by doing, so training is faster and more effective. Training can be done in the field, or anywhere, on any device. It means instant distribution to those who need it. And with our behavioral tracking system, training effectiveness is easier to measure.


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Why work with us?

We’re experienced in making products come alive

Integrate with existing digital channels or use as a standalone

Comprehensive behavior tracking

Put your product into your customer’s hands anywhere, any time