BAUMA 2022

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With 3ngage, Your Customer is in Control

3ngage empowers the customer to digitally ‘touch and try’ your product and its functions at their convenience, and provides your brand with data analytics of the interaction.

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Key Benefits for Your Brand​

Improve time-on-page

Increase consideration of your product

Significantly stronger conversion

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Detailed behavioral data from consumer-product interactions

Experience 3ngage right now​

Try TYRI Lights INTELlilight system! Touch anywhere to start exploring.

More Examples of 3ngage Product Experiences to Try​

The Simrad Trawl Sonar 

3ngage created simulations of Simrad’s class-leading sonar systems for trawls –
A topic that’s hard to understand and experience.

Results: Significant increase in sales

The Husqvarna 450x Robotic Lawnmower

With this execution of the 3ngage experience, we created a step by step self service instruction simulation for a common task required for owners of the Husqvarna 450x Robotic Lawnmower. 

Results: 75% prefer this over printed manuals

The Bosch Carbon Black Oven

Lets the user experience the simple digital interface of this Bosch oven, as well as explore its other features such as steam cooking.

Results: Better informed customers

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