The vision is to enrich commerce in a way that increases conversion, by bringing hands-on interactive experiences to any screen.

Spook AB has developed a platform and process for creating interactive 3D content that can be displayed in any browser, wherever you use the web. The platform is called 3ngage.


Below are some demos that work in both mobile and desktop browsers. Please note that they’re work in progress and bugs may still be there.

Actiste 3ngage Live Interactive Experience
This is the Actiste, a product from Brighter AB. Please note that the below 3ngage experience may not represent the final product correctly. Click the image to see the demo. If you want more information about the product, please go to

Tactica Demo
Example of a consumer electronics product, ready for embedding in an online store.

Arch Demo
Here’s a walk around an office. Interact with the glowing white cubes to change the design.  Click the image to launch in a new window.
(Also works with VR Goggles – open this link on your phone and slide it into a Google-cardboard-type headset. Use button to move forward and click cubes.)

Product Configuration Demo
This demo lets you put together and configure a furniture set. You can also share your set via social media or as a link.

Thanks for watching.

3ngage arch demo on samsung galaxy s7 edge