Bringing hands-on interactive experiences to any screen

3ngage is a platform for creating and distributing interactive product presentations, in a lifelike, engaging way - a true hands-on experience, in any browser, on any screen.

Omnichannel sales applications

3ngage creates a hands-on shopping experience that is very compelling and engaging for your customers. It lets shoppers make buying decisions with confidence.
3ngage experiences can include the ability to configure proudcts and accessories before buying- 3ngage is easy to integrate with business systems and e-shops, and the content works in any browser, on any screen, also in in-store digital signage.
The fact that you also can measure exactly how people interact with your products (like eye-tracking on steroids!) – is just icing on the cake.
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Industrial applications

3ngage is perfect for explaining complex products and services, telling the story in interactive 3D.
Your product can be explored and tried out safely, in any browser, on any screen. 3ngage can be used for instructor-led training and individual training can then continue on a phone or a laptop. 3ngage content is instantly distributed to your sales teams, resellers, customer support, clients and end users.
3ngage interactive 3D experiences can serve as live manuals in the field or in support center. Full usage tracking data gives you a view of where attention is focused on your product and exactly how people interact with it. Basically, it’s bye bye, powerpoint.
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Real estate applications

3ngage lets your clients understand a physical space, walk through it, customize it, and share it – all on their phones or other screens.
It comes in very handy in the real estate sales process, making it shorter and more efficient. At the same time, we’re exploring the use of 3ngage as a tool for democratic design in public construction, engaging residents in discussion inside a 3D space, accessible to everyone.
Pilot projects are being started with city councils. No wonder – it’s perfect distribution of understanding, via the web.
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Below are some demos that work in both mobile and desktop browsers.

Actiste 3ngage 

Live Interactive Experience, a product from Brighter AB. More information about the product, please go to
Tactica Demo

Example of a consumer electronics product, ready for embedding in an online store.
Arch Demo

Here’s a walk around an office. Interact with the glowing white cubes to change the design.
Configuration Demo

This demo lets you put together and configure a furniture set. You can also share your set via social media or as a link.