Bringing hands-on interactive experiences to any screen

3ngage is a platform for creating and distributing interactive product presentations, in a lifelike, engaging way - a true hands-on experience, in any browser, on any screen.


3ngage creates a hands-on shopping experience that is very engaging for customers. It lets shoppers make buying decisions with confidence, strengthening conversion and minimizing returns.
3ngage experiences can include the ability to configure products and accessories before buying. 3ngage is easy to integrate with business systems and e-shops, and the content works in any browser, even in physical stores through digital signage.
The ability to measure how customers interact gives you powerful data from within the point of sale.
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3ngage is perfect for explaining complex products and services hands-on.
Your product can be test driven safely, in any browser, on any screen. 3ngage can be used for instructor-led and individual training. Students can pick up where they left off in following sessions. 3ngage content is instantly distributed to your sales teams, resellers, customer support, clients and end users.
3ngage interactive 3D experiences can serve as live manuals in the field or for your after-market customer support. Full usage tracking data gives you a view of where attention is focused on your product and exactly how people interact with it. Basically, it’s bye bye, powerpoint.
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Real Estate

3ngage lets your clients understand a physical space, walk through it, customize it and share it.
This can make the sales process shorter and more transparent, letting the client’s stake holders use it as a discussion platform for their decisions.
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Enjoy on any device.

3ngage B2B
Understand the Actiste

An innovative medical device for people with diabetes, from Stockholm-based Brighter. An average experience time of 2.5 minutes.

3ngage Real Estate
JLL shortens their sales process

Selling offices takes time. Jones Lang Lasalle can shorten their sales process with smart decision making experiences for clients.

3ngage retail
Spotlight on your USPs

This product experience from Markslöjd lives among other trade marketing content inside an e-shop.

3ngage B2B
Deep sea simulation

Simrad is a world leader in fishing sonar systems. This experience puts you in the skipper's chair and allows you to steer a trawl along the bottom of the sea.

3ngage B2B
The story of your product

A demo for Bayer that explains their eye moistening drops and why you should use them.

3ngage retail
Electrolux hand vacuum experience

Check out the most important features and accessories.
Ready for global deployment in e-commerce.

3ngage B2B
Light that makes you feel good

Aura Light is leading manufacturer of lighting for commercial and public spaces. Check out their light temperature control feature.

3ngage Real Estate
JLL interactive Space Plan

Selling offices takes time. Jones Lang Lasalle can shorten their sales process with smart decision making experiences for clients.

3ngage retail
Configure and buy

Customers can put together their furniture set, configure it and buy it, in this demo that's connected to various business systems.

3ngage retail
Publish in any e-store

3ngage is centrally hosted which allows for deployment to your resellers globally, as easy as embedding a movie.

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About 3ngage

Our interactive 3D experiences is as close you can get to actually touching the product. With 3ngage, it’s cost effective to create content, and our universal availability allows for publishing the content anywhere. Anyone can experience it, no apps or plugins needed.
Our mission is to make things easier to understand. The more you understand, the better decisions you can make.
3ngage was created by Spook AB, a Swedish digital marketing consultancy.
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