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Let YOUR product
tell the story

3ngage delivers interactive 3D/VR/AR experiences to every browser.

3ngage is a platform for creating and publishing massively available smart interactive product experiences, wherever people buy your products.

No further questions

Let customers experience your product
for real

3ngage has been proven to increase willingness-to-buy in scientific studies. Why? Because it makes your product features understandable without words.

Your best features

Products get better conversion & less returns

With 3ngage interactive 3D experiences, your clients can easily understand and experience all key benefits of your product, on any device, next to the buy button.

Hands on


People can learn to use your product in a hands-on experience, even before it exists on the market.

The hands-on experience captures customers’ attention. In this example, the average experiencing time is 2.5 minutes.


As easy as embedding a video

3ngage can be deployed everywhere online and in physical stores – just like normal images or videos. Like in this example.

Insights from your customers

3ngage tracks every move, click
and interaction

New and invaluable insights come from tracking how your customers use and share an experience – from inside the e-commerce environment.

3ngage is smart, connected trade marketing content.

Experience 3ngage now

Understanding the Actiste

An innovative medical device for people with diabetes, from Stockholm-based Brighter. An average experience time of 3 minutes.

Electrolux e-com product experience

Check out the most important features and accessories - next to the buy button.

Husqvarna’s Automower guide

This product experience shows you how to service your robotic lawnmower, letting you try it safely on a screen first.

Virtual cooking

This oven experience for a global white goods brand lets you try out the product’s interface and features.

Deep sea simulation

Simrad is a world leader in fishing sonar systems. This experience puts you in the skipper's chair and allows you to steer a trawl along the bottom of

The more you understand, the better your decisions.

We create better understanding.