3ngage lets people experience physical products in the digital world

3ngage is a platform that delivers interactive simulations of physical products for use in sales, training and support.

3ngage lets people experience physical products in the digital world

Key Benefits

Increase sales & conversion

Providing a better buying experience, where your customer will enjoy reaching
a positive decision.

Increase product understanding

By making complex products easy to understand, 3ngage can be used to train your sales, partners as well as the end-user.

Deliver a better digital customer experience

Letting the user drive the story and explore your products at their own pace increases customer satisfaction

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Increased willingness-to-buy
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Conversion in e-commerce
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better product understanding
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Perceived product quality
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Average engagement time

It’s when you get your hands on the product  that you finally understand

It’s when you get your hands on the product

that you finally understand

Here is one of our latest product experiences – just interact with it and explore the product.

3ngage digitalizes the entire buying journey

Learn what interests your customers the most

We capture data on the customer-product interaction to identify
pain points, benchmark and optimize the experience.

Product experiences 
as a service makes perfect sense

Collection of relevant input material and assets

  • Product brief
  • CAD file / 3D model of the product(s)
  • Samples/photos as reference for look feel and texture
  • Visualization model or drawing of desired environment

1 – 2 days

Development of concept for the interactive experience

  • Joint brief workshop
  • Definition of target channels/platforms
  • Presentation and review of concept
  • Agreement on copy for callouts and other texts
  • Typically 1 – 2 adjustments

1 week

Production of confirmed product experience

  • Modeling of product and environment
  • Tailoring of UI to fit with brand guidelines
  • Development and implementation of product interactions
  • Configuration of desired reporting dashboards

2 – 5 weeks

Final testing validation and corrections

  • Testing of user experience and visual experience
  • Multi-platform validation
  • Integration to test environment/pre-launch website
  • Corrections and adjustments, if required

2 – 3 days

Launch of the new product experience

  • Integration to relevant digital channels/websites
  • Support for implementation with 3rd parties/resellers
  • Onboarding to reporting/analytics dashboards

Ongoing maintenance, hosting, and behavior data provisioning

  • Ensuring availability and function even as user systems change
  • Premium hosting solution gives fast load times globally
  • Tailored behavioral data dashboards and reporting