Let Your Customer

Take Control

3ngage empowers the consumer to digitally ‘touch and try’ your product and its functions at their convenience, and provides your brand with data analytics of the interaction.

Key Benefits for Your Brand​

Improve time-on-page

Increase consideration of your product

Significantly stronger conversion

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Detailed behavioral data from consumer-product interactions

Experience 3ngage right now​

Try out the TYRI INTELLi light experience. Touch anywhere to start exploring.

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What the page should contain:

  • Embedded TYRI Lights experience ( https://intellilight.3ng.se/ )
  • Copy explaining the TYRI Lights experience
  • CTA: Leave your email and receive a “5 ways to improve the online customer experience in B2B” (The name of this presentation is still not final)
  • Simple form to capture email address, “please enter your business email” (GDPR: Avoid getting personal email addresses)
  • CTA 2: Click here to see more examples of successful sales supporting 3ngage product experiences (goes into the main website)
  • OPTIONAL: Row of customer logos – TYRI Lights, SKF, Simrad, Nibe/Premodul, Suunto, Husqvarna